Dariush Soudi - Founder

In the ARENA we call life, battles are won and lost every day.

We believe life is an ARENA. As gladiators we battle every day so one day we have a life of abundance. ARENA is widely regarded as the region’s most respected advisory firm within the sales and marketing industry. Led by “The Modern Day Gladiator” Dariush Soudi, specialising in optimising our clients’ potential for growth, we practice, teach, and execute plans to help individuals and businesses prosper. Implementing change and driving unique strategies that will give you the EDGE – the edge to make your business more profitable.

With over 35 years experience in owning and operating companies, Dariush has crafted incredibly unique and successful techniques that will make your business more profitable. Experience gained through many years and decades of successes and failures. At ARENA, we make sure you win every battle until you achieve financial freedom. The success of Dariush’s methods are attested by his tribe of gladiators worldwide, over 1 million people strong. You can follow Dariush (@dariushsoudiofficial) on Instagram; recently awarded as Gulf Business’ Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Year.

ARENA drives companies and individuals towards accelerated change and growth, with business practises spanning across the globe and multiple sectors. Currently employing 50 professionals in Dubai, providing cutting-edge techniques for navigating change in the core areas of marketing transformation, data and technology solutions, growth strategy, private equity advisory, executive search and talent development.

We strive to improve every single day, and our team is trained to go beyond our client’s expectations. Through consistent training, we aim for our team of enthusiastic professionals, to be regarded as experts in their fields. We have seen year-on-year growth from humble beginnings and we are constantly looking to recruit only the best and brightest that will elevate us and our clients for generations to come.

Hard work, urgency, clear communication, trust, gratitude and constant pursuit in setting the highest standards are the core values we stand firmly by, and we welcome you on this journey.